Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another School Choice for Madeline

Daddy got a call yesterday from PS150 that Madeline's name had come up on the wait list and she would now be accepted to their Kindergarten class in the Fall. This was a great surprise because we had received an initial rejection from them several months ago and had already accepted an opening at PS234. PS 150 was very tempting, however, as it was closer to our home, had only one class per grade, and would allow Caitlin to go to pre-K with Madeline. (Which would save Mommy and Daddy LOTS of money.) Daddy and Madeline visited both schools yesterday and then Daddy and Mommy visited again. Ultimately Madeline choose PS234 because most of her friends were going their, even though she was sad she would now be in a different school from Caitlin for two years. Mommy and Daddy agreed with Madeline's decision because PS234 has more resources and appears to have a better management team and reputation.

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