Monday, April 27, 2009

Madeline's spring break in LA

The first day grandma took us to Mcdonalds for breakfast and we played in the tunnels and there we met a lot  of children. 
After we went to jacuzzi and I swam there. 
The next day which I think was Wednesday we were in jacuzzi again. 
On the next day we woke up and had our breakfast but not in Mcdonalds.
 On Friday I had bread with jelly and butter for breakfast and crispy.
The next thing was that we took grandfather to his work. 
Grandma took us to Mcdonalds again and we played with girl who was 2 years old. 
My grandfather's sister stayed with us one night with her dog. 
The next day she needed to leave. Her dog was funny but we didn't cry.
And also grandfather took us to airport and that's all I remember what we did in California .

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