Friday, May 8, 2009


First, I stayed at home because I didn't feel good... so daddy and mommy said that I could watch some movie!! I asked about Winnie the Pooh, after this I wanted to see another movie!!
Later I draw pictures and then mommy called!! After that we picked up Madeline and had play date with Indy. And now we are going to the Washington park, also we are going to McDonalds!!!

When Caitlin was at home I had my school:
as usual we had group time;
then we had work choice.My work was weather;
after that we went to the park;
I got my snack in the park;
later we came back to school and had our lunch;
then was my share time!! I shared a present from Loren, and also pink beautiful flower!!!
And then me and 
Indy had play date!!


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