Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our day!

Caitlin said:
Today is Wednesday! And Wednesday we need to write with "w'!!
Also my day was good! I was at school. First, I played interesting games in our red room! Later we had snacks, then we have read 3 books. But I forgot what were about those books...I was at the gym and did a lot of activities. Then again I had a group time. Teacher gave some work - snack helper! After our lunch Kate picked me up and me, Madeline, Indie and Sylvie went to the park and spent great time together!! then Madeline went to her house and we came back home. I had short nap and then we made 2 projects: one for Madeline(that was butterfly) and one for me(that was bumblebee).Oh, wow!!! After bath Kate said that we can watch The Simpsons:) And then mommy came home!! That's all! 

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