Monday, September 14, 2009

Back to school!!

Hi everyone!!
Today is Monday and both of us have school!!
First we need to drop Madeline off to PS 234 and then drop Caitlin off to The Park Pre School.
The rules of behaviour in the class, then we did work time. After this I got lunch in Caffeteria. The next was playing in the yard with my 5th grade friend. We played several games!! In the class we talked about who takes the bus and who walks to the school.And in the end Kate picked me up and we went to CC. It was my first lesson of yoga!!! Ilike it!! The teacher said that I was very good!
At school I played with my friends and with toys. After we got snacks! Also miss Sara and Emmeline read us very interesting books about The kissing hands. Then Kate came and picked me up. We met Olivia and she invited me to her apartment!! So we spent our free time together!!

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