Monday, March 8, 2010

Two Traumas

Last night we had two minor traumas with the little ladies that reminded us of just how young they still are. During a cab ride to an office party for one of Ali's coworkers both girls fell asleep. When we arrived we awoke the girls and got out of the cab. In a groggy state on the sidewalk, Madeline asked where her doggy was and then burst into tears after she realized that the hound was north bound in the cab we had just departed. In a moment of great parental heroism, Daddy managed to sprint fast enough and yell loud enough to catch the cab and rescue the mangy mutt. He received several high fives from doormen as he returned down Park Avenue with the stuff animal under his arm.

During the party both girls enjoying running after the hostesses pets through her 15+ room apartment. After the party, Caitlin had questions about what happened to the kitty cat Mommy had as a pet when she was a little girl. When Ali gently explained that the cat had died after it became sick, Caitlin deduced that the same plight might befall her felines and decided that she didn't want them ever to become sick. When Mommy indicated that eventually all kitty cats die, Caitlin defiantly announced, "I don't want that!" Daddy then squandered his early earned greatness by expanding the discussion to the mortality of humans. There were several moments of silence in the southbound cab until we started to hear sobs. Caitlin continue to cry all evening long as she struggled with the concept that we are all here for only a limited time.

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