Thursday, January 24, 2013

Madeline Getting Ready for First State Testing

Madeline has been nervous about her first year of state testing.  So today we redid her third grade math post-test on StudyIsland, a website we use to prepare for the state tests, and her score improved to 76% (the last two times were 63% and 69%).  Some of the reason for improvement was because I assured her she could take as much time as she wanted to (last time she said she rushed).  Even with a more leisurely pace, she only took about 20 minutes for the 25 questions.

Madeline also took the two most recently available NY State 3rd Grade Math tests (see below) and got 92% on each of them.  Book 1 (there are two books) for each year had 25 questions and the student is allotted 45 minutes to finish them.  Madeline finish the first test in 20 minutes and the second one in 13 minutes.  Madeline was pleasantly surprised at how easy the tests were compared to Study Island and very reassured that the amount of time allowed for the test wouldn't be a practical problem.

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